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Revenue loss in the medical billing process is an unfortunate byproduct of the recent upheaval in our American healthcare system. With new coding systems, different recording procedures and insurance eligibility verification practices being used in the industry, coupled with a great deal of regulatory confusion, many medical businesses lose huge amounts of revenue through billing delays and claim denials. These unclaimed bills may be neglected or lost altogether as bad debts. Many of them may be due to minor clerical details or medical coding errors that are easily avoidable, especially if we can track the most common denials through data analysis.

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We use the latest analytics to establish where and when revenue may be lost during revenue cycle management. Applying statistics, data science, and machine learning to this data enables us to find the most likely administrative irregularities in medical billing, and prevent them occurring altogether in your practice.

At DataMedic Global, we provide complete analytics by using best possible tools available in the healthcare industry. This helps you to provide true insight of your practice and also alerts you to the issue before it occurs. Using DataMedic's analytics is like having a revenue cycle management (RCM) expert watching over your billing and claims every second of every day.



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