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Medical Billing Experts in New York

Is your practice losing revenue to insurers?

Based in New York, DataMedic Global provides medical & dental billing assistance to practices throughout the United States. With ongoing healthcare reforms, many medical practices find themselves facing underpayments from insurance, and encounter difficulties administering coding and reimbursements. The potential loss of revenue is huge, and the time spent by a practice navigating the complex minefield of medical coding may detract from the other important tasks that a practice needs to perform. You can save time and increase revenue by utilizing our specialist medical coding service, ensuring your practice receives the revenue it deserves.


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Medical Billing Management

Ensuring your claim against a patient's insurance is handled correctly, promptly, and successfully, minimizing denial or revenue loss. Many medical practices suffer huge denial rates, over 10%, and may take weeks to even generate a claim. With DataMedic Global, delays and denials can be minimized, saving your practice revenue and enabling you to fund better equipment, pay rates and overall medical care to your patients.

Medical Coding

Coding your diagnoses and treatments according to industry standards is a complex, yet integral aspect to ensuring your claim is correctly recompensed. As these codings are periodically updated, so our specialists conntinue to stay up-to-date to eliminate errors, loss and claim rejections against your practice.

Revenue Cycle Management

RCM is a complex process, with a great deal of regulatory oversight, and DataMedic Global have the expertise to help your practice manage this process effectively. Ensuring every aspect of a patient's care is recorded securely and correctly, and making sure each claim is formatted and error-checked, so that their insurer receives the correct information and issues the appropriate payment.


If your practice needs medical billing assistance from an industry specialist, contact DataMedic Global today on (516) 234-7958



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Reputation is most important for DataMedic Global and we are committed to providing an honest service


At DataMedic Global, we strongly believe that trust is the foundation of all business relationships


At DataMedic Global, we strongly believe that trust is the foundation for all business relationships


At DataMedic Global, as a team we encourage creativity for continual improvement


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