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Medical Billing Experts in New York. Helping practices administer their medical billing.

Helping practices administer their medical billing efficiently throughout the United States

As an RCM service company we know that each patient will have a unique journey through the healthcare industry. From booking an initial appointment, through to consulting with a doctor, being diagnosed, being administered medication, receiving treatment or therapy, and on to eventual recovery or ongoing care, each step of this process needs to be recorded and billed according to regulatory procedures. As you devote care and passion to your patients' wellbeing, so we devote our care and passion to revenue cycle management, coding and medical billing.

 More About Our Solutions 

Our experienced team at DataMedic Global will work to enable you to maximize revenue and minimize rejections from healthcare funders. We understand the in-and-out of the revenue cycle management. Our team based in New York aims to provide greater billing returns and reduced spending by making continuous efforts towards innovating ways to improve and maintain the standards on every service we offer.

Our core team possesses over 20 years of experience in revenue cycle management across many different medical specialties. Our team continuously works on improving knowledge, skills and technology to achieve new ventures in business. Our team believes in facilitating work to the highest standards to the industry needs.




We innovate personalized solutions based on each of our client's unique needs. We achieve this by investing in our people through training, developing and creating an efficient team, which can deliver best output by giving end-to-end service. In this way we hope to ensure financial gain for our clients.


To be the best revenue cycle management partner and be at the pinnacle of the industry.

DataMedic Global Value Added Services

  • Dedicated account manager for your practice to ensure your practice claims all its account receivables
  • Increase in cash liquidation & AR liquidation rates compared to the historical trend (GCR & NCR)
  • Tools/applications in place to control/eradicate errors on data processes (Demo/charge entry) which will boost first pass ration
  • ICD-10 certified professionals ensuring 99% accuracy on coding charts (importantly on the specificity of DX)
  • Transition of manual posting into ERA
  • Reduction in unapplied/missing payments/charge, billing lag days



If your practice needs medical billing experts, medical coding specialists, or any other assistance with claim reimbursement, contact DataMedic Global on (516) 234-7958.



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