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Podiatry practices find their financial performance is directly correlated to accurate medical billing and timely account reimbursement. Partnering with a specialist billing service could be one of the most important decisions you could make regarding the business performance of your practice. 

It is crucial when compiling a medical bill in this field that you have the experience in handling the complexities in podiatry billing and its coding modifiers. Many procedures and treatments are considered medically necessary in some instances and not in others. In some cases, each different insurer has different rules for them. Issues with the feet and ankles become more frequent with age, so an aging population result in an increasing number of patients who are covered by Medicare, which means an additional set of coding and rules comes into the equation.

Team DMG provides day-to-day medical coding and the submitting of claims, taking care of insurance denials, annual payer adjustments and rigorous follow up on outstanding account receivables.

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