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Family Practice

Family practice, also known as general practice, provides medical services in the community. Family physicians treat patients of all different age groups, genders, and medical backgrounds, and these practices have enormous challenges when it comes to medical coding, due to the vast diversity of medical conditions they may treat in a single day. A family practice with inefficient medical billing will find its financial strength withering day by day, as revenue is consumed by challenges to claims.

Family practices throughout the United States face immense billing and coding challenges. Evolving regulations, coding procedures, and variation in medical guidance, as well as the scope for error in a field where patient turnover can be high, means insurers have myriad opportunities to deny an unsuspecting family practice of its rightful reimbursement.

DMG provides all possible solutions which can reduce human error, monitoring updates on family practice and coding, accurate documentations and rigorous quality check and audit to improve the practice revenue. By doing hand-in-hand partnership with practice, we help providers to increase first pass claim resolutions rates, increase net collection rates which results into increase in reimbursement.

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