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Ambulatory Billing

In instances of a medical emergency, injury, or sudden illness, an ambulance will usually be necessary to transport a patient from the scene to a hospital where they can receive urgent medical care. Most cases will be via vehicles, and there are many different types of these. In some cases, in severe accidents or in remote locations, an air ambulance may be used. Either way, this service needs to be paid for by someone, and the billing for this aspect of medical care is often complex and interminable.

This service is very distinct from operations that occur within the hospital’s walls – practical intervention often has to take place immediately, which may make record-keeping for medical billing purposes more difficult. Sometimes this aspect does not integrate well with other medical care organizations for billing and coding. Increasing levels of regulation also make administrating this service highly challenging, which makes for a very difficult situation when combined with reimbursement cuts and changes in pay rates.

Team DMG’s expertise pertaining to coding and billing, especially in ambulatory billing, will help your practice in billing accurate and error-free claims and receiving faster reimbursement.

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