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Cardiology Billing

Cardiologists often find they lose a substantial percentage of their revenue through inaccurate medical billing, or coding errors. Sometimes this may be due to the diverse range of medications, diagnostic procedures, and surgical interventions that arise in this area of medicine. Likewise the potential volatility in the condition of the patient may lead to rushed or delayed billing, which in itself can lead to errors, claim denials, and unnecessary loss of revenue.

DataMedic Global’s cardiology billing team will work to improve the financial wellbeing of your medical practice through capable billing and medical coding. Our training, experience and attention to detail will minimize errors and refusals, and ensure each claim is processed in a timely manner. 

As specialists in data analysis, we will also identify potential problem areas in your cardiology billing process, as well as manage all aspects of the medical billing process, which will improve revenue for your practice.

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