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Durable Medical Equipment

Durable medical equipment (DME) refers to any item of therapeutic equipment that is prescribed by physicians to patients when they are suffering from a medical condition. Blood pressure monitors, lifting equipment, nebulizers, and wheelchairs, are some examples of durable medical equipment. Usually it’s intended for the treatment or mitigation of a long-term medical condition. There is a complex medical billing process for durable medical equipment, which needs to be adhered to rigidly before funding may be recovered from insurance providers.

DME billing is different from other types of medical billing and coding in that it requires specialized knowledge of the DME reimbursement process, and many relevant codes and processes. With an increasing amount of DME being rented rather than purchased, administrators involved in medical billing need to be aware of how to code claims (depending on rental vs. purchase), and the requirements to produce a bill that can be reimbursed.

Team DMG use a Durable Medical Equipment Coding System, which enables us to categorize and process each claim efficiently and quickly, to a high degree of accuracy. Fast medical billing in this field is paramount, as obtaining the equipment for the patient may be dependent on funding being approved, so timely processing of this can significantly reduce suffering to a patient.

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