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Chiropractics is a complementary alternative therapy, which is particularly popular with those suffering lower back pain. It typically involves manual therapy but the range of different treatments is huge. Likewise many insurers treat the field differently, resulting in medical coding challenges, anomalies in working practice, and delays in receiving rightful recompense for treatment administered.

Frequent changes in regulations, and billing procedures that are unable to keep up with this may result in huge and unsuspected losses for chiropractors. With medical billing requirements becoming ever more complicated by regulation and insurance companies being excessively trivial over details, many chiropractors miss out on the payments they are due.

At DMG, being your chiropractor billing partner, we shall generate the medical bills and send any claims in a timely and routine manner. Our knowhow in this field will ensure your claim is recompensed properly, and revenue loss is reduced significantly.

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