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Emergency Medical Service

The emergency medical services presents a unique set of challenges for medical billing. Patients may have little-to-no insurance information, but Emergency Room doctors will always administer emergency care, on ethical grounds as well as legal ones, and then leave the billing eventualities to be resolved (or not) at a later date.

There is massive scope for mistakes or irregularities at this stage, as details may be incorrectly collated and entered, which then affects reimbursement and possibly results in claim denial later on in the process. Patients may not be fully aware or able to provide accurate information, or practitioners may be reliant on other unreliable sources. Incorrectly entered names, birth-dates, and other details often result in delayed and refused claims.

Our professional team of emergency medical billers and coders at DMG are well versed with all the complexities of emergency medical billing. They retain good knowledge to deal with challenges like out of network billing, high patient responsibility, and a wide array of medical codes to deal with this field of medicine.

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