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Ambulatory Billing

In instances of a medical emergency, injury, or sudden illness, an ambulance will usually be necessary to transport a patient from the scene to a hospital where they can receive ur...  more  


Billing for anesthesia is different from most other medical billing fields, in that it uses a system of base units, time units, and modifiers, to generate an amount for claim reimb...  more  

Behavioral/Mental Health

Behavioral health and mental health is often overlooked as a peripheral aspect of physical health, but more and more it is being understood how these are integral and intrinsic to ...  more  

Cardiology Billing

Cardiologists often find they lose a substantial percentage of their revenue through inaccurate medical billing, or coding errors.  more  


Chiropractics is a complementary alternative therapy, which is particularly popular with those suffering lower back pain.  more  


A recent survey by the American Dental Association found approximately 65% of patients have dental insurance.  more  


Dermatology billing is often complicated by the number of procedures a dermatologist might administer to a patient in just one appointment.  more  

Durable Medical Equipment

Durable medical equipment (DME) refers to any item of therapeutic equipment that is prescribed by physicians to patients when they are suffering from a medical condition.  more  

Emergency Medical Service

The emergency medical services presents a unique set of challenges for medical billing.  more  

Family Practice

Family practice, also known as general practice, provides medical services in the community.  more  

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